Cascade Rescue Advance Series Model 200 MAX Litters

$1,014.99 - $2,889.99

Advance Series Model 200 MAX Rescue Litter

$1,014.99 - $2,889.99
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Advance Series Model 200 MAX Rescue Litter


Exactly like our standard Advance Series Model 200, the MAX is slightly larger to accommodate a full size 16" wide backboard.  Crafted of hand laminated composites, its shape, handrails and ample brackets provide maximum victim protection and comfort as well as optimum maneuverability for the litter attendant. There is no need for a backboard with this litter. Patient straps (QuickTab Straps - Rated at 600lbs Each)  securely immobilize patient to the bed of the litter. Excellent vertical raise handling characteristics - equally at home on snow, rock, ice or asphalt. Comes complete with our Patented Articulating Lift Points (ALP's).  Slow pull test results may be obtained under resources.

Size: 83" X 25" X 6". Color: International Orange. Weight: Approximately 20 - 26 pounds depending upon style. Available in 1 or 2 Piece Models with Stainless Steel or Titanium Components.
NFPA Certified: