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CMC Anchor Strap - NFPA

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CMC Anchor Strap - NFPA


UL Classified to NFPA 1983 - General Use

CMC's  Anchor Straps are used by all types of rescue agencies to quickly set strong, secure anchors. These straps are sewn with all the care and quality put into CMC harnesses. The D-Ring allows the use of high-strength web without compromising carabiner strength. One end is larger so the other end can pass through allowing the strap to be rigged in a Girth Hitch. Remember to avoid triaxial loading on any carabiner to maintain system strength.


Basket (U) Configuration: 20,906 lbf. (93kN)

End-to-End Configuration: 10,116 lbf. (45kN)

Choker Configuration: 11,015 lbf. (49kN)