CMC Rescue Bound-Loop Prusik


CMC Rescue Bound-Loop Prusik.

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CMC Rescue Bound-Loop Prusik.


CMC Rescue Bound-Loop Prusik - Long

Years of development, testing and fine tuning has made CMC Prusik cord a preferred choice by rescue schools, agencies and rescuers alike. CMC's sewn Prusiks offer unmatched performance?Çöwith strength equivalent to a tied Prusik loop, just without the cumbersome knot. The factory-sewn SecureStitch is covered with durable clear shrink tubing that allows regular inspection and helps protect the stitching for longer life. Some rescuers prefer a bound-loop style Prusik for cinching the attachment bight around the carabiner to help snug the Prusik to the connector. CMC's AZ Bound-Loop Prusiks are identical to their Sewn Loop Prusiks except that the shrink tube captures both sides of the loop while allowing adjustment.


  • Weight: 2.2 OZ (62 G)
  • MBS: 20kN (4,500 lbf.)
  • Length: 25"

Proper training and experience is mandatory - practice with your system before working with live loads. The difference in diameter between the main line and your Prusik loop diameter should follow the general rule of a 60-80% ratio. 8mm cord is best suited for 1/2" rope. We recommend you practice your prusik application prior to actual field use - all prusik or accessory cords are not compatible with all mainline or belay rope.